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What’s driving demand for bathroom and kitchen renovations?

August 2, 2021 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Natalia Sketchley
Digital PR Manager

In the past year, interior renovations have seen increased interest as lockdowns finally gave us time to take on those projects around the house that we’d been putting off for so long. Whether you were looking for a full renovation or just a change in colour, we saw queues at home improvement stores that snaked around car parks, and online retail sales saw booms at both the start of the first lockdown in March 2020 and again during subsequent lockdowns in November and January/February of 2021. When you’re cooped up at home, you may as well make it something you want to live in.

Another trend from the past year has been rising house prices and an increase in moving houses. And when selling your home, two popular areas to renovate and make ready for buyers are the kitchen and bathroom. It’s not surprising as they’re two areas that get the most footfall on a day-to-day basis as well when guests visit. 

We’ve taken a deep dive into where in the UK people are investing most in kitchens and bathrooms, what styles and designs are growing in popularity, and whether the housing market is having an effect on these changes. 


Kitchen Hotspots

They say that you don’t appreciate things until they’re gone. This has never been felt more than in the past year as restrictions prevented many from going out and about as usual. However, one thing the new normal did create was a new affinity for the countryside and this has shown itself in how UK consumers are looking to remodel their kitchens as well. While modern styles still reign supreme, interest has begun to wane and farmhouse kitchens have seen renewed interest as consumers look for a more relaxed feel at home.

We also looked at which areas of the country have seen the most kitchen demand over the course of the last 12 months. Combining search volume data and location data including population, property sales, and sales figures, we’ve highlighted which UK cities are hotspots for kitchen makeovers and where businesses in this sector should focus their digital strategy to increase their share of the market.

Birmingham came out on top for its high level of house sales and turnover over the past year, whilst coming second in search volume intent behind only South East London. We did see a slight correlation between search volume compared to the number of sales in a given area, showing the change in ownership is helping to drive demand for renovations. 


Bathroom Trends and Hotspots

Similarly, we’ve analysed where in the UK saw a spike in bathroom interest over the course of the past year based on search volume and location sales and turnover data.

Tailoring your digital strategy to these areas helps prospective customers better find your services as they look to add value to their property. In fact, it’s estimated that a new bathroom or kitchen can add thousands to the overall value of the house

In terms of trends, consumers are looking to keep their bathrooms modern with monochromatic tones. Black bathroom fixtures and paint have seen a rise of 20% over the past year. On Instagram, #blackbathroom is tagged on over 24,000 posts!

The data revealed the top three spots are the same as kitchens with Birmingham, Newcastle, and Sheffield taking top positions. However, the correlation between sales in the area and search volume isn’t as strong. Different regions of London dominate search volume for the UK, although Birmingham does account for the second-highest concentration, followed by Manchester. It is clear that property sales are not driving bathroom renovations to the extent we see with kitchens. 

Take these insights & revisit your digital strategy

Home or property renovation has seen accelerated growth in the past year as people look to move house or make their homes more suitable now they have had the free time and investment to dedicate to it. But like other retail, the home improvements industry has seen a seismic shift to digital whether at both the research and purchase stage. This makes it a great time for businesses in this industry vertical to review their digital strategy to make sure they are targeting the right audience in the locations with the highest demand. 

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