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YouTube introduces ‘snackable’ Bumper ads

April 27, 2016 / Reading Time: < 1 minute /
Natalie Williams
Marketing Campaign Manager

People are forever reaching for their smartphone in order to watch videos of their choice that they can easily share to others. And with attention spans shorter than ever, it’s important to get your message across quickly.
Introducing, Bumper ads: a new ad feature with a six-second video format. Similar to TrueView ads, but with the six-second cap and un-skippable content, Bumper ads are specially adapted to a mobile user’s habits and are ‘ideal for driving incremental reach and frequency’ as users are looking for easily consumable content. With the introduction of these new restrictions, the format could see advertisers being forced to build campaigns with mobile in mind.
Bumper ads are a great way for advertisers to test the difference between formats, and from May will be available through AdWords on a CPM basis.

The short, snappy nature of the format means Bumpers work best when coupled with a TrueView campaign or Google Preferred ads: ads that appear amongst the top 5% of YouTube’s most popular and engaging channels.

As a fun and ‘snackable’ format, Bumpers work really well together with serialised content. Google gives the example of Audi Germany who took apart their TrueView ad in order to produce several smaller ads introducing their Q-series SUVs by playing on German ‘q’ words such as ‘Querpass (cross kick). You can see an example below:

We think the new format is really exciting and is a fun and creative way to show easily consumable ads to an engaged audience.
Source: AdWords Blog

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