Web innovation for the UK’s leading holiday cottage business.

User Testing.

Flexible to your needs. 

Working with selected partners, we conduct moderated user testing sessions with real users. We can facilitate testing of individual pages, apps, systems, or a whole new site.


“We will provide a range of recommendations to optimise your digital offering.”

Analysis is key. 

Following the testing, we provide a full analysis including the identification of key themes, barriers, and opportunities for optimisation.

We also supply recordings of each testing session for your use and further review.

Optimising for success. 

Based on the findings from our user testing sessions, we will provide a range of recommendations to optimise your digital offering.

We can subsequently facilitate these changes in-house through our design and development teams or partner with your in-house teams on a consultancy basis to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Brands we work with.

Brief us.

Our team is on hand to talk you through how our approach will deliver the results across the metrics that matter to you.

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