Animal Trust

151% increase in organic conversions.
🙌 Shortlisted for Best Not-For-Profit Campaign at the Northern Marketing Awards 🙌
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Animal Trust is a not-for-profit veterinary company, providing the highest standards of care for animals at affordable prices.

The company was incorporated in 2012 and operates in several locations across the UK, with further growth plans.

Animal Trust reinvests their profits into the business, allowing them to offer a range of services and advanced veterinary care that isn’t available at many standard practice vets. They care for thousands of animals and provide free consultations, which allows animals to access the care they deserve when they need it, and to reduce the price barrier in place.


Aims and objectives

Animal Trust approached Clicky in 2018 looking to outsource their marketing activity to help increase their reach and amplify their brand.

“As a growing social enterprise, we needed a partner to tell our story to those we can help. Clicky was the stand out agency and we are delighted that they are now working with us to help us reach more pet owners and give animals access to the care they need.” Director General, Animal Trust.

We began our partnership helping out with SEO and Content, however, due to the speed Animal Trust is growing, we now also assist with one-off projects, such as design, paid social ads, and website development. As part of our ongoing activity for 2019, we are also heavily involved with implementing and executing launch campaigns for new surgery openings, utilising digital PR and paid social.  

Key aims

  • Brand

    Amplifying the brand position and message
  • Education

    Educate and enhance animal welfare
  • Market share

    Effective market penetration and increase in market share

Organic Search (SEO)

Local SEO work has been a key focus of our strategy, as of course Animal Trust has several UK locations and geographical coverage.

Therefore our aim has been to ensure the website and map listings are visible and correct for local pet owners who are in need of veterinary care.

Being able to work with the ProSupport team has been highly useful to improve the website site speed in addition to other website technical SEO issues and improvements which can improve both user experience of the website and the way in which the website is viewed by search engine crawlers, improving rankings and visibility of the website.

As with all of our SEO clients, on-page SEO optimisation has been a strong area of which we’ve focused on, ensuring all the boxes are ticked in terms of keyword targeting, meta tags and user experience.

Keyword targeting opportunities were limited due to the small size of the website, however, our strategy has been to expand the website to address pet owner search queries regarding specific conditions, and cost of services which Animal Trust provides by carefully researching, writing and adding new landing pages. This website expansion has been highly successful in widening the visibility of the website.

Organic Search (SEO)

Content & Digital PR

Animal Trust came to Clicky seeking Content ideas so that they could increase traffic to their website, and to strengthen their brand message using organic social.

We set to work, performing keyword research and audience analysis to understand pet owner pain points and how we could address these in a strategic content strategy.

The strategy was split across social and blog content, creating a new pet care advice section and identifying national awareness days to use as pillars throughout the social calendar to create seasonal content. Throughout the organic calendar, we wrote posts including consistent messaging on Animal Trust’s brand pillars to increase awareness of their service.

Each blog/pet care advice piece has been created targeting long-tail keywords, using research on pet owner pain points at the forefront of each subject. During content creation, we made sure to address these concerns and offer additional advice from a pet owner perspective to improve the value of each piece. 

Through a combined SEO and Content strategy, we have been highly successful in gaining high rankings for our targeted keywords, with several featured snippets achieved along the way as using digital PR to increase their brand presence, traffic and to improve results in search engines. This has been done by creating expert, yet easy to comprehend content, with careful consideration in regards to content formatting, page layouts and keyword targeting.  

Content Marketing


Following conversations with Animal Trust about the desire to improve the usability and user experience of the website, we undertook a comprehensive research and analysis phase known as a Discovery.

This Discovery stage encompassed a diversity of research and auditing across the website and online user experience for Animal Trust’s key audience. The client had key commercial aims for this project, with an aim to optimise the website, delivering a more informed approach to booking appointments and the accompanying customer journey. This also included a focus on the navigation and site structure of the website, and a secondary focus on promoting existing and new Animal Trust practices.

The research was presented to Animal Trust along with a proposed strategy for implementing the solutions we had identified to improving the website and online user experience. Following a period of feedback and discussion around the proposed strategy, the project moved into the design and development phase, with ongoing support from our Strategy & Insights team.

This research was completed over a three week period, and was presented to Animal Trust in the following chapters:

  • Google Analytics & audience data review

  • Site structure & navigation audit

  • UX & design review

  • Heatmaps, scrollmaps, and user behaviour review

  • Executive summary & suggestions



The first design project we completed for the client was the design of a new leaflet to be used in Animal Trust clinics across the North West.

The leaflet was to be informative, and make the brand more approachable and less clinical in appearance. In order to soften the brand and give Animal Trust some more personality, we decided that illustration was the way to go.

The Design team produced bespoke illustrations to be used on the leaflet, which showed pets playing with their owners, focusing on the relationships between people and their pets, something that is integral to Animal Trust’s brand values.

Following on from the leaflet project, the client requested additional illustrations to be produced and used on a range of in-clinic posters and online assets. We created about 40 individual illustrations of a range of pets and humans interacting with one another in a variety of scenarios. We then used these to create several social media templates so that the client could edit the content of images shared on social media whilst maintaining their brand image.

The illustrated assets are key to Animal Trust’s new brand identity, and using them across both print and web allows us to maintain consistency for the brand both on- and offline.



We’ve been working with Animal Trust for two years now and we’re really proud of the results we’ve achieved to date through a solid combined approach.

It’s been a pleasure to support Animal Trust whilst they grow and we look forward to continuing our partnership in 2020.

Here are some highlight results we’ve achieved:

127%increase in organic users and 96% increase in all traffic users – April 2019 vs April 2018

151%increase in organic conversions – April 2019 vs April 2018

2,000+additional sessions to the website, via the blog (June 2018 – January 2019)

54%increase in social traffic (June 2018 – January 2019)

Visibility587 keywords to 2,869 & keywords in top 3 position frown from 54 to 156 – April 2019 vs April 2018

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