Accelerating new surgery openings through digital.

more surgeries opened through digital growth.

Consistent digital growth in the UK & internationally.

uplift in EU lead generation.
Northern Marketing Awards


For over 25 years Avalon have helped more than 70,000 people plan for their future, allowing peace of mind for their famiies and loved ones.

Clicky’s initial partnership with Avalon in 2019, focused on the delivery of social media advertising campaigns to promote their brand and services. The sucess of these campaigns have been fundamental in the growth of our partnership across platforms, channels and services, to maximise the return we achieve for the business.

Supporting Avalon to increase volume of funeral plan leads.

A multi-channel approach.

Our recent activity in 2020 has seen us focus on a multi channel approach to generate brand awareness and grow the remarketing pool.

uplift in EU lead generation.
“Clicky’s EU campaigns have shown instant success, with leads generated responsible for 1 in 4 of our marketing generated expat plan sales in Spain, Cyprus and Portugal."
Chris Jones // Marketing Manager

Shortlisted for Best Social Media Campaign at the Northern Marketing Awards.

“Clicky have successfully undertaken the difficult task of making funeral plans bright, friendly and approachable. Whilst staying on message commercially with the features and benefits of our services, which has driven a crucial volume of sales to our business.”

Chris Jones  //  Marketing Manager

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