Manchester City Council

A search & display campaign to promote their brilliant adoption services.


Reaching out digitally to parents

Manchester City Council run regular digital campaigns with Clicky Media and recently we were tasked with building and managing a search and display campaign to promote their adoption services.

As a growing metropolitan area, Manchester has a large number of children that need to be cared for by the local authority with a percentage of these children requiring adoption.

Combining both digital research and insights derived by the adoption team, Manchester City Council and Clicky quickly understood the motivations behind why people adopt and the core target market for the campaign. Utilising these personas, we were able to strategise more effectively and plan the most appropriate approach to engage such demographics.


New audiences & boosting adoption rates

The main objective of the campaign was to generate awareness amongst audiences who were best able to meet the needs of the children which are ordinarily more challenging to place, with the ultimate aim of increasing inbound enquiries for the adoption team to convert to approved adopters.

Secondary goals were to encourage people who were already contemplating adoption to consider Manchester City Council as one of their options by visiting the website to find out more or to call the adoption team to discuss options further.



Traffic, awareness & more importantly new parents

Manchester City Council saw a huge uplift in web visits and digital performance, but more importantly, the adoption team witnessed very positive outcomes from the campaign.

There was a large increase in people coming forward as potential adopters and a significant increase in attendance at the information evenings which were also promoted as part of the campaign.

This in time will result in the number of approved adopters increasing in Manchester and providing loving families for some of the city’s most vulnerable children.

“The expertise that Clicky Media bring to our digital campaigns and the help and support that the team offer us allows us to get the best results possible”
Kerry Adams, Marketing Officer

1282%increase in clicks

28%reduction in CPC

100’sof new adopter enquiries

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