Manchester City Council

Search & display campaigns to raise awareness for social concerns.



Manchester City Council is a local government authority for Manchester who first partnered with Clicky in 2010. They approach us often with detailed project briefs for focused campaigns to raise awareness for social concerns such as sexual health, quitting smoking, fostering and registering to vote.

We work closely with the Manchester City Council team to ensure their detailed briefs and target audience descriptions are translated into the various digital platforms we work with, to make sure the advertising budget is focused on highly relevant audiences.

Over the years, we’ve helped to raise awareness of the impact that smoking has on the human body, with a hope to encourage people around Greater Manchester to quit. One campaign area that we are most proud of is raising awareness of fostering and encouraging users to see if they are eligible to foster. For these campaigns, we have used a blend of generic awareness campaigns, as well as campaigns to encourage experienced foster carers to switch from an agency to a not-for-profit organisation.


Foster campaign objectives

The main objective of the fostering campaigns was to generate awareness amongst audiences who were best able to meet the needs of the children which are ordinarily more challenging to place, with the ultimate aim of increasing inbound enquiries for the fostering team to then convert to approved foster carers. 

Secondary goals were to encourage users who were already contemplating fostering to consider Manchester City Council as one of their options, by visiting the website to find out more, or to call the fostering team to discuss options further.



Once we receive a brief from the team at Manchester City Council, we complete audience and keyword research to determine how we can best target the desired demographics.

We have a strong understanding of the client’s aims and target audiences, which has helped us become very responsive and quick to act in getting new campaigns live. Manchester City Council will provide display creative, allowing us to build campaigns quickly and check that all creative complies with Google’s policies ahead of campaigns launching.

Many of the campaign angles and targeting are very specific and are often based around sensitive subjects, meaning that detailed targeting is key to ensure the ads are positively received and remain approved according to Google’s guidelines. We’ve been able to achieve this without limiting the distribution of the ads, and often receive positive feedback from the team at MCC regarding the performance and traffic levels stemming from our ads campaigns.

We believe that our excellent results stem first and foremost from the in-depth briefs we receive from the client at the beginning of every project. 

“The expertise that Clicky Media bring to our digital campaigns and the help and support that the team offer us allows us to get the best results possible”
Kerry Adams, Marketing Officer

115,000website clicks generated for the fostering campaign since the start of our partnership

PPC team Clicky

48%increase in fostering households recruited (2016/17 vs 2018/19 – Clicky and in-house marketing efforts)

18 millionimpressions using display and search ads for the Smoking Cessation campaign

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