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173% increase in goal completions from search.

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Established for over 125 years, Poole Alcock Solicitors have branches all over Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Shropshire and Staffordshire and offer services for both personal and commercial clients. They pride themselves on providing the highest possible standard of customer care and quality of legal advice to their clients, with a personable approach. With a big focus on digital, Clicky has helped Poole Alcock to achieve their revenue goals using multi-channel activity since 2016. 

Poole Alcock had an ambitious revenue target for the calendar year of 2019. Working closely with Clicky, a target of effectively a 25% increase in revenue year-on-year from digital sources was agreed.


Our Solution

Clicky took this goal and strategically planned what volume of each type of conversion would be required to meet their target, month by month.  We attributed a percentage of leads that each channel would need to deliver based upon the percentage of conversions driven by each channel in the previous year. In total, search combined accounted for 86% of online conversions in 2018, with the remaining coming from other channels such as direct, referral, and social media.

Using this as a starting point, Clicky’s SEO and PPC team formulated a combined search plan to ensure we avoided paying for traffic that we could be getting for free, through organic search, becoming more than the sum of its parts. Using Conversion Rate Optimisation tests and audience insight research, a data-driven methodology was utilised for planning activity, as opposed to an assumption-led framework. 

Clicky’s ProSupport team were used to improve existing site functionality, developing new features and modernising the site in line with best practices, all with the aim of improving conversion rates and promoting the key areas defined in the main strategy.

Finally, the creative team at Clicky added value by ensuring they were involved every step of the way by designing new web page templates – with the main goal of improving revenue and conversion rates in mind – as well as designing impactful print collateral used across all branches.

Dedicated account management ensured that the agency and client teams worked closely, aligning all activity to ensure the strongest possible results were produced.

Working with Clicky has transformed our approach to digital marketing. For the first time, we have complete visibility over the level of work that we are getting from online and can dynamically respond to opportunities through pro-support, design and analytical insights.

Chris Joseph, IT Partner at Poole Alcock



Poole Alcock and Clicky Media’s close, trusting relationship allowed for open sharing of performance data and analytics, which allowed for close monitoring of progress against targets throughout 2019. This openness meant that activity could be adjusted based on real-time data and workflows could be adjusted to make the most of the opportunities that arose, as well as increasing activity in areas where targets needed closer attention.

As a result of the close ties between Clicky and Poole Alcock, an official partnership has been put in place to cement the relationship. The Partner Scheme provides a number of benefits to clients, including quarterly training, client events and regular deep dives into clients’ overall digital footprint. 

The excellent relationship between Clicky and Poole Alcock looks set to develop further into 2020 and beyond, with more ambitious goals to follow.

42%increase in users from search

173%increase in goal completions from search

Revenuetarget achieved in 2019

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