Evie's Work Experience

Monday, June 26, 2023


Written by

Agency Coordinator

I’m Evie and at the moment I am in year 10 working towards my GCSE’s for next year. I came to Clicky for work experience because I felt that it would give me an insight into what the digital marketing industry would look like. Work experience at Clicky has really helped me consider my future career and whether this industry is something that I want to pursue. 

This week, I have had an amazing introduction to the kind of work that Clicky does. On Monday, I met James and Fay who are part of the growth team at Clicky. They explained what I would be doing this week and they made me feel welcome and as if I was part of the team immediately. I did some research on the Clicky website and developed my understanding of what Clicky does. I also took part in a marketing catch up which really helped me to get a feel of the day-to-day meetings in the office. 

On Tuesday, it was agency day so pretty much the whole team was in the office. There was an agency catch-up where the entire team sat together and discussed everything. I really enjoyed this day because the atmosphere was really friendly and it felt like a really lovely thing to be a part of. I also did some research on meta ads and some brand research on how different brands advertise 

On Wednesday, I had some time with Alex H who is a part of the Paid Social team at Clicky to talk about TikTok and how useful it is for companies to use for advertising nowadays. This session was really helpful as it helped me to get a much better understanding of how TikTok is used in a professional setting. Later in the day, I had some time with Hayley to talk about interviews and some tips on how to impress potential employers in an interview. This was very interesting because the tips that Hayley gave me will be very useful in the future. I also did some work on Mailchimp and learned how to use it. 

On Thursday, I started the day by sharing my work on meta ads, brand research and Mailchimp with Fay and James. They gave me feedback on everything which I found beneficial. I also spoke to Rhian and Georgia about editing applications and also discussed future career options along with some informative advice.

On Friday, when I got in, I started condensing some blogs from the website so that they could be posted on Clicky's socials. Next, I had my final check-in with Jen and I had an early finish so I was done!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Clicky because I found it very eye-opening and gave me inspiration to consider my post-16 options. My favourite things about Clicky are how friendly and welcoming the environment is and how contemporary the office is. Everybody at Clicky made me feel extremely comfortable straight away. My highlight of the week was the agency day because when the whole team is together, you can immediately sense the respect that everybody has for each other. I've had a fantastic time and I really appreciate the opportunity that Clicky has given to me.